14 Different size Seed Gear
Suitable for maize, peanut, cotton, soya, sunflower, mung beans, ground nut, gram, .etc.
Planting Depth- 2 to 6cm
Adjustment to sow 1pc or 2pc together of seed
Spacer:12,10,8 to increase width
Wider roller design
New adjustment to convert machine from 14 mouth to 1 mouth


Maximize your planting potential with the versatile SPRAYMAN DS-14T. With multiple seed gear options and a wider roller design, this powerful machine can handle a variety of seeds including maize, peanut, cotton, soya, sunflower, mung beans, ground nut, gram, and more. Easily adjust the planting depth and sowing width with precision, allowing you to optimize your planting for maximum yield. Plus, the adjustable spacer feature lets you transform the machine from a 14-mouth seeder to a single-mouth seeder, giving you even more planting options. Don’t miss out on this multifunctional and efficient tool for successful planting!

Revolutionize your farming with the versatile DRUM SEEDER 14 TEETH. With different size seed gears, it’s suitable for a variety of crops – from nutrient-rich maize to protein-packed mung beans. Easily adjust the planting depth and sow either 1 or 2 pieces of seed at a time. Plus, with a spacer range of 12, 10, and 8, you can easily increase the width for more efficient planting. The wider roller design allows for smoother and more precise sowing. And with the new adjustment feature, you can easily convert the machine from 14 mouths to 1 for added convenience. Don’t settle for inefficient seeding methods, upgrade to the innovative DRUM SEEDER 14 TEETH and watch your harvest grow!


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