►  Especially suitable for medicated vineyard, forest, and forested areas . Air movement; shape as a dense structure of the target, plays an important role in the penetration of medication.

►Mainly used in applications with insecticide

►Atomizer which with tractor , usually are used in spraying gardens and vineyards.They  are classified according to the shape of connecting to the tractor in the following manner:

♦ The tractor connects three-point  system

♦ Mounted to the tractor

♦ Trailed with tractor

► 200-400-600-800-1000 lt are mounted type and connect three points system. And 1000- 1200-1600-2000 lt. are Trailed type.All turbo atomizers are equipped with different types of  Mertsan Branded ,three-or four-piston high-pressure hydraulic membrane pumps

► Some models of the fan systems are receiving  speed from 2 gradual movement.  .In addition ,we have the models which is receiving the movement from single speed pulley.Turbo atomizers  tanks are manufactured from Polyester and polyethylene material. All parts in contact with the medication are made of , brass, stainless steel or corrosion-resistant plastic material .

►All our models  do Modern spraying , It is designed to reduce the amount of discarded waste medicine


►  Polyethylene tanks produced with the  Sprayman technology

♦ Ultraviolet rays, and surfaces against the adverse effects of pesticides, as corrosion  and does not create resistant bacteria and algae.

► Hydraulic mixing system blends easily into the water with spraying medication.

►  Reside on the machine Filling Ejector, provides the opportunity to the sprayin medication  to fill in a very short time.

► Water level indicator can easily be seen,  by the user during filling and emptying

► Clean water tank offered as an option. independent  from  Tanks and provides the possibility of adding all the machines


►It is designed for Vineyards,gardens,greenhouses, and similar portable structure and they are a fairly strong

►This Pumps are externally manifould ,surfaces in contact with the drug is coated with phosphate and against corrosion resistant

► Valve stamps and covers are stainless steel

►All of ours 2-3-4 Pistons  Pumps works by taking movement  intermediate the shaft  from the PTO.


►Profiles are made of ST37 material  and have a high coefficient of strength and resistance

► In terms of adding rigidity to the chassis applied protective primer paint and applied  metallic paint as topcoat


►Turbo fan,are manufactured from galvanized sheet (chromium (cr), nickel (ni)) against corrosion

► The systems fan are receiving 2 speed gradual  propeller movement from gearbox.In addition ,we have the models which is receiving the movement from single speed pulley

►Fan diameters are  60,75,90  cm.

►Using for destruction of unwanted plants and weeds


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