Bosch AQT 35-12 Plus 1500-Watt Home and Car Washer (Green, Black and Red)


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    How is it Environment Friendly?


    Washing cars and domestic cleaning tasks consume plenty of water every time. A solution to avoid wasting water is important for the environment.


    The AQT 35-12+ high pressure car washer set has been designed to consume not only less water but also less electricity with an auto-stop system. It uses only half a bucket of water as compared to cleaning manually.

    Multi-purpose Cleaning Equipment


    Cleaning your hatchback, sedans and all small vehicles after a long drive or removing accumulated stain and dirt, cleaning BBQs may became a hectic task. The AQT 35-12+ high pressure washer from Bosch is an all purpose for these challenging outdoor cleaning jobs. Henceforth you will wish to clean them using this revolutionary high pressure car washer in less time and minimal effort.




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